DepartmentPolitical science


The Department of Political Science was founded in 1991 and it is among the first five Departments of New Bulgarian University.

Initially, the Department offered only Master’s Degree Programs. Subsequently, a Bachelor’s Degree Program in Political Studies was designed. At first it was taught only in Bulgarian and later on – in French and English.
Today the Department offers Bachelor’s Degree Programs and Master’s Degree Programs in Bulgarian, French and English, and Doctoral Programs in Bulgarian and English. The development of a Master’s Degree Program in Russian is under way.

The programs at the Department are innovative for Bulgaria. For the first time they fully implement principles and disciplines offered and taught at prestigious universities in Europe and the United States.

The academic quality of the programs at the Department results in:

• the qualifications of the alumni, most of whom take positions in the higher state administration, in European and international organizations and institutions, in the media and in the governing bodies of political parties;
• the great number of foreign lecturers, projects, programs, student exchange agreements with other European universities;
• the national and international prestige of the lecturers at the Department. Over the years some of the most prominent Bulgarian researchers and analysts have served as Chairs of the Department: Assoc. Prof. Dobrin Kanev, PhD, Prof. Antony Todorov, D.Sc., Assoc. Prof. Anna Krasteva, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Antony Galabov, PhD.


The research activity of the Department of Political Science is focused on: organizing and carrying out international and national research conferences; active academic publishing; developing research projects; support for our active Doctoral Program; maintenance of three research seminars with a number of Bulgarian and foreign participants; dynamic development of the Center for European Refugee Migration and Ethnic Studies and the “Jean Monnet” Center.

Among the major events of the Department are the conferences: “European Meetings of the Big Metropolises: The Crisis of Coexistence (2008); “Local Elections 2007”; “The First Year of European Bulgaria”: “Elections and Images” (2007); “Civic participation” (2007); “The Euro and the Democracy” (2005); “Conflicts, Trust, Democracy” (2003), etc.


The Department works on many international projects treating political science, European and migration issues.


On a regular basis, the Department carries out its “Political Debates” seminar with foreign and Bulgarian participants. The round tables, carried out periodically after elections (parliamentary, local and European), enjoy a great interest. The Doctoral Seminar also functions successfully.


The Center for European Refugee Migration and Ethnic Studies (CERMES) has been functioning at the Department since 2003. It issues the sequence “Migration and Refugee Studies”, within which the books “From Ethnicity to Migration” and “The Figures of the Refugee” have been published. The academic seminar “Migration Policy” also functions on a regular basis. The Center organizes international conferences (“Immigration and Integration: The European Experience”, “The Migration from and to Southeastern Europe”) and numerous round tables.
Two youth organizations have been established at the Department: the club “Francophones оn Political Science”, which organizes the seminar “Francophone Debates”, and the club “New Diplomacy”.


Department Chair:

assoc. prof. Evelina Staikova-Mileva, Ph.D.
Building 2, Room 602
tel.: 02/8110 622  ext. 26022
е-mail: e_staikova@nbu.bg


Elitsa Uzunova
Building 2, Room 602
tel.: 02/8110 602
e-mail: euzunova@nbu.bg